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Treasure Hunter John Victor comes to the chilling conclusion that the essential right to sustain life could be taken away forever if he doesn't stop Alexander Graham Rossweild's people from using The Terminator. It's a formula that could devastate America's farmlands!  Poor John, all he wanted to do was unearth a chest of gold that was hidden by Civil War soldiers.
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"Treasure hunters take note: The SEED, is a fiction novel you won't want to put down." -- Janet Warford-Perry
Lost Treasure Magazine
Excitement reigns in The Metals of Time series! In each story, 11-year-old Johnny Vic is propelled into a thrilling journey back in time where he meets exciting heroes, great thinkers and a host of unforgettable characters. Kidnapped by Iroquois Indians? Yup. Helping Horace Greeley put out a fire? Yup. And while he’s at it, he’ll learn that even great leaders like George Washington have moments of doubt—and that even a kid like himself can provide strength and hope through the timeless lessons of faith and the never-ending bonds of family and friendship. Two great stories in each book!
In Johnny Vic’s Nautical Adventures, our hero’s magical metal detector sends him on two adventures: Champlain Gold, and COLUMBUS!. Johnny Vic heard that Jesuit priests hid gold on the shore of Lake Champlain. Will he find it? You bet! And, since it’s October 11, 1775, he’ll witness the famous Battle of Valcour. Cool! Then, he’s propelled onto the deck of a schooner on Lake Champlain. Now, if there were pirates on the lake, do you think Johnny Vic would run into them? You bet! And in COLUMBUS, he gets caught in a raging storm, with Christopher Columbus at the helm! Johnny Vic’s Nautical Adventures. Don’t miss ‘em!
Johnny Vic’s got girl trouble, times two, and he’s going to Plymouth, two times! Two different girls . . . two different Plymouths. In Plymouth, Vermont he falls in love with Anna, learns about President Calvin Coolidge, finds hidden pirate’s treasure, and tangles with a stormy bad guy named Monsoon. And, Plymouth, Massachusetts? That’s where he and Johanna meet the Pilgrims and get a first-hand taste of the very first Thanksgiving!
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Buried Alive!
A thrilling, brand new release from Ann Rich Duncan!
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"Okay God," John says. "What am I supposed to learn from this one?" Treasure hunter John Victor has been in lots of dangerous predicaments, but never like this:  buried alive beneath desert dirt, connected to a live radio broadcast. He's somewhere in the vast Sonora Desert. He and his teammate, pop star Briebee Queen, were kidnapped right in the middle of the Gem Express Treasure Hunt. And when he comes alert, finding himself in a dark, cramped box, John's not sure what to expect. Then he remembers Briebee. "Briebee!" he shouts for her, wondering if she's been boxed up too. And that ticks off Todd Rascall, the talk show host. He wants this nut job off his frequency . . . until he realizes it's the famous treasure hunter who has disappeared. Hoping for national attention, Todd invites experts to his show. Experts like detectives and profilers, and even a scientist and a hypnotist.  Surely, they'll pull elusive clues from John Victor's memory to help find the hapless victim . . . before it's too late. And as the his show unfolds, Todd wonders how John can keep his cool. "It's faith, Todd," John says. Faith--it comes in many forms as revealed by the characters in Buried Alive! And with messages of faith, there's a touch of humor, a bit of romance, interesting trivia, and Biblical truths. And, of course, intrigue.